Tackling Alexithymia
to Build Emotional

Project no. 2022-1-IT03-KA220-YOU-000085580

European Consortium


Duemilauno Agenzia Sociale

Social Cooperative for multiple purposes: type A + B, Non-Profit Organization of Social Utility, which through its staff offers since 30 years social services, education and rehabilitation in favour of the citizens, public and private entities. Over the years, DMLAS has extended its activities into other sectors of social, educational and health services, expanding the territories and the type of intervention.



NGO whose vision is to become a modern and open organization, which, through innovative non-formal education methods, improves the competencies of vulnerable groups in society and the professionals who work with them, strengthens integration into the community and contributes to the development of social and psychological well-being.


Europe Youth Health and Development Association (Turkey)

The primary mission of EYHDA is to improve oneself in thinking, understanding, research and problem solving skills, to be open, artistically sensitive, self-confident, self respectful, to have high awareness of rights, justice and responsibility, of making learning a lifestyle, to be conscious of national culture and democracy and communication.



ŠENTPRIMA is a private institute for rehabilitation and education. It was founded 2005 by ŠENT – Slovenian association for mental health. Šentprima provides services for employment and vocational rehabilitation, supported employment, the transition of young people with special needs to the labour market - and all these services include more and more people every year, especially young people with mental health problems.


Bucovina Institute

NGO founded in 2011, non-profit, with aims to support the sustainable development of communities in the North East of Romania, South –West of Ukraine and entire Republic of Moldova through learning partnerships projects and organizing continuing training programs for adults. Currently we are implementing several VET trainings programs for NEETS mostly youngsters between 16 and 29 years old within the project SEPAL by promoting the apprenticeship model.


Fundacja Iris

The main objective of Fundacja Iris is education (i.a.
supporting, promotion and development of children and youth’s educational path), culture, art, promotion of health and sports, which is inspired by and based on our previous experience. We also support new reforms in non-formal education, shape pro-European civic attitudes, popularize the idea of European integration and implement democracy rules. 

About Taber project

Self-harm is often labelled as a “personality disorder” and is stigmatised in many communities. Stigma leads to social exclusion and isolation, depression and can ultimately end in suicide for the young person at risk.

TABER (Tackling Alexithymia to Build Emotional Resilience, no 2022-1-IT03-KA220-YOU-000085580) is Erasmus+ project aiming to raise awareness and educate teachers, trainers and youth support workers in being able to recognise symptoms and how to build emotional resilience in young people. Project workshops will help to better understand how to help young people to strengthen their psychological resilience.

Implementation: 01/10/2022 – 30/09/2024

Expected results

A Best Practice Guide

6 Newsletters

72 Workshops

6 Transnational Project Meetings

By the end of the project, a total of 72 workshops will have been delivered (12 delivered locally by each partner) in the field 

of youth, to tackle Alexithymia and Build Emotional Resilience.

TABER will end in: