22-24th of November 2022
Trieste, Italy, hosted by Duemilauno Agenzia Sociale
Kick-Off Meeting

At the end of 2022, TABER partners met for the first time in person, in Trieste (Italy), where they were hosted by Duemilauno Agenzia Sociale. This first meeting was special, as partners took part in a series of workshops and discovered best practices. Here, we can include:

  • Lister Sartoria Sociale, a social cooperative  whose activity consists mostly of tailoring, knitwear, and furnishing activities, using recycled textile materials. They collaborate with social and health services to facilitate socio-professional inclusion.
  • The Ex-Mental Health Hospital of Trieste, nowadays seat of some University faculties, gardens with more than 5.000 types of roses, public health services, the direction of the Mental Health Service and a variety of Social Cooperatives, born from the deinstitutionalization process starting in the ‘70s.
14-16th of March 2023
Šiauliai, Lithuania, hosted by ZISPB
2nd Transnational Project Meeting

In middle march, we've come together in Lithuania, to discuss not only the progress of our project, but also to participate in some workshops prepared by our partner ZISPB: getting-to-know each-other activitities and lego.

During the project meeting, we had the chance to reflect on different levels, and through a holistic approach, which includes the dimensions of individual, group and cultural environment. One aim is to improve the capacity and our baggage of tools, useful to face common issues as the emotional balance and wellbeing of the persons we meet, also in our professional contexts.

27-29 of June 2023
Suceava, Romania, hosted by Bucovina Institute
3rd Transnational Project Meeting

In the first month of the summer season, the partners met yet again for the 3rd Transnational Project meeting within the TABER Project in Suceava, Romania. The Romanian partner, Bucovina Institute was on the receiving end this time.

During this productive meeting, the consortium made significant progress in shaping the project's outcomes and engaging in fruitful discussions regarding their upcoming steps. Moreover, they actively participated in a captivating series of workshops, all centering around the theme of "Emotions," which added depth to their overall experience.

The workshops included captivating titles such as "The Power of Emotions: A Journey to Self-Awareness," where members embarked on a profound exploration of their inner selves. They also delved into "Cultivating Emotional Awareness through Creative Practices," providing a unique opportunity to foster emotional intelligence through artistic and innovative means. Notably, the two-part workshop titled "Beyond Words: Understanding the Language of Emotions" allowed the participants to gain a deeper understanding of the intricate world of emotions, transcending mere verbal expression.

3-5 of October 2023
Ljubljana, Slovenia hosted by SENTPRIMA
4th Transnational Project Meeting​

At the beginning of October, TABER partners meet in Ljubljana, Slovenia, for the 4th Transnational Project Meeting within the project. This time, they were welcomed with warm arms by the Slovenian partner, SENTPRIMA.

Following the agenda very thoroughly, the partners started the meeting with an Ice Breaker and continued by talking about the social media, the dissemination, newsletter, and of course, the Work packages within the project, meaning “Management” and “Best Practice Guide”.

On top of them following the items from the agenda, they also had some study visits and did some workshops that enriched their experience even more. After finishing the workshops, the partners learned how to use creative media in order to express their inner world and connect with others, how to use psychotherapy card to identify problems and formulate coping strategies and learned about mindfulness.

30 January - 1 February 2023
Fethiye, Turkey, hosted by EYHDA
5th Transnational Project Meeting

During the 30th of January - 1st of February 2024, the 5th Transnational Project Meeting (TPM) and a series of workshops were held in Fethiye, Turkey, hosted by EYHDA. Participants were engaged in enriching workshops, including painting sessions for earthquake trauma relief, storytelling through photographs, expressive writing, and board games. These activities facilitated emotional expression and bonding. Additionally, two study visits were conducted to understand methods for supporting vulnerable young students.

23-25 of April 2024
Lodz, Poland hosted by IRIS FUNDACJA
6th Transnational Project Meeting

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